Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as by agreeing to them you are confirming acceptance of the contents when using our service. When placing an order you will be required to sign an agreement to these terms and conditions.


The service is intended to assist people seeking a design service to change or enhance an interior space, to be able to access ideas and suggestions by qualified interior designers. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed design package chosen is required at the onset of any order. Whilst Higgs and Storr will make every effort to portray recommended colours and materials, display of these may vary when shared online, dependant on the monitor being used. An accurate portrayal of finishes will be provided on a sample board of the materials in the final package where this has been requested. Where clients provide their own measurements of the space to be designed, it is imperative that these are accurate as Higgs and Storr cannot be held responsible for inaccurate measurements and the consequences of recommended products not fitting the designated space.


The Higgs and Storr service is a design consultancy and consists of a website, a studio,

communication with the client, a final presentation package of a design concept as chosen from the outcome options. Where requested there would also be the provision of a specification sheet, to offer recommended information and products. However, Higgs and Storr cannot be held responsible for the service and products of suppliers or installation carried out by third parties; any such dissatisfaction with products or installation should be taken up directly with the provider and where specialist installation is necessary, (such as electrical, plumbing or building works), the client should use reputable tradesmen who adhere to all legal requirements. Higgs and Storr are happy to recommend such tradesmen but are not responsible for their workmanship.


Whilst Higgs and Storr will endeavour to ensure that all specified products linked to their

recommendations are in stock with the suppliers, in order to guide the clients with the purchasing of products, there is no guarantee that any of the products will be available or be offered at the same price as suggested, as the supplier of those products is at their discretion to change the prices or discontinue lines at any time.


Higgs and Storr guarantee that each client will receive educated design suggestions based on the consultation and questionnaire provided. However, any design is by nature subjective and therefore Higgs and Storr cannot guarantee absolute client satisfaction, but will take such reasonable steps at their sole discretion to work toward the design package request with the best professional intentions. Once the design package is received the outstanding balance must be paid for in full, and the service is terminated, unless a further service is requested upon a new order. Higgs and Storr reserve the right to terminate any order during the process if the client is making unreasonable demands beyond the offer of the service chosen.


All orders are to be carried out within a limited period, and once the service is complete no further communication is entered into unless a new order is placed. All designs supplied are as a contract between the designers and the client and are not to be sold on as pretence of the client being the designer or applied to multiple properties, unless negotiated with Higgs and Storr within a further contract. No information, including marketing material, prepared specifically by Higgs and Storr is to be copied or re-published. However, all design work supplied for a client for a project can be shared and used for installation purposes on the intended property.