We are a partnership of professional, highly qualified designers, also lecturing in the subject of  Interior design at University level. Our combination of skills offer a full package of design proposals covering all types of property and purposes. We specialise in Commercial projects, including restaurants, show rooms, leisure interiors, and additionally work with Residential projects, to supply fresh ideas and concepts. We offer a comprehensive service to cover the full spectrum of proposal design material, and will tailor make the package to offer you in order to suit the complexity, requirements and size of your project.

We can advise you on colours, trends (historical to contemporary), products, textiles, concepts and finishes, along with the production of any form of visualisation that is requested. We work closely with our clients to produce a comprehensive package of a design concept and solution, with full specification information.

Importantly we are established and have great links to fantastic suppliers in the commercial sector, and associate with trade shows and the latest trends and products. Additionally, for the more bespoke designs, it should be noted that we are independent, and therefore we are not bound to any specific suppliers. However, where possible we try to support as many local craftsmen and product outlets, in addition to being able to access the most up to date worldwide resources. This enables us to bring the very best artisan quality to you, to suit your budget. We are also concerned with ethics and sustainability and will do our best to source supplies that supports these issues.


We are a very relaxed team, working with the client to meet expectations. The starting point is an in depth consultation to understand the project and listen to your aspirations, and we follow that up with an inter rim meeting to check we are on par with your thoughts. Finally we put it all together, working toward the package you have decided will suit your needs best, within an agreed time frame.


What we are offering is our experience, skill and creativity to produce solutions to Interior Design projects in order to create a better environment to  suit your needs; whether this be for relaxation, updating trends, improvement of well-being, increased work productivity or simply a change of scene.


We will sell you the concept, the vision and, when required, the “shopping list” of suppliers and tradesmen. Its then over to you to decide if you want to put it all together yourself at your own pace, or if you need to employ our help to organise contractors to supply and install.


Give us a call for an informal chat in the first instance, we look forward to hearing from you.